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With soft, sweet vocals and lyrics that tug at the heart, Lisha Racquelle’s gift is truly heaven sent.

Growing up in Brampton Ontario, Lisha’s musical roots were developed in the warmth of a supportive community, finding her place in group performances and discovering the confidence to become a solo act. Honing a beautiful voice has been a passion of hers since childhood, entranced and fascinated by the contemporary gospel and soul that was ubiquitous in her family home.


Lisha relocated to Windsor in 2018 to attend university, and began turning heads with her stunningly sweet voice and inspired interpretations of jazz standards in local group concerts. In the tight-knit community of Canada’s southernmost city, live instrumentation reigns supreme, with a strong focus on technical skill, particularly in the genres of jazz and folk. Lisha began to blend this Windsor aesthetic with the more soulful roots of her Brampton upbringing - R&B, Hip Hop, and Gospel - to create her own sound. Alone at the piano in the heart of her family home, she developed her voice as a writer, with freestyle pacing, playful melodies, and beautiful self-reflection.


Whether she’s performing her personal material or putting her own spin on classic works, Lisha connects with the audience through her inimitable poise and grace. Even as she gives away pieces of herself, it’s clear that her depth knows no limits.


Lisha embarked on her solo career in 2020, self-producing her first recordings on SoundCloud and Bandcamp, and attracting the ears of the Windsor-based music label Soul City Music Co-op, joining the hyper-local label briefly in 2022 before relocating back to Brampton. "Blind", released on August 19, is the first single from her debut EP Whose I Am, released September 2022.

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